Saturday, July 10, 2010 @ 7:48 PM

Laural is here to save the world \m/

Okay this blog has been dead for a very long time, so I obviously have to do something to it. And yes I'm back in action to make it alive again :) Therefore, BLOGSKIN CHANGED! Yeap that's pretty obvious unless you're really so blind that you can't see it. Oh well anyway, we might be having a class tee, dependent on your responses (and if i still get keep in contact with all of you).

K uh, if you've any songs that you want to add to the playlist pls state the title (and preferably artist) on the tagboard. Gosh I sound so lifeless LOL. Life's stressful. Okay anyway hope by now all of you have adapted to your new school :) I haven't.