Tuesday, March 10, 2009 @ 4:55 PM

This blog has gone 9 days without posts. Bleahzxs.
I sorta think this blog is dead you know.
And once again I'm the only one posting.
Man, I gotta ask Hui Xuan to start posting again. :D

Anyways, we've gotten back our HCL, EL and CL papers.
Hope you all did well. (:
Well, for those who didn't, it's alright. :]
At least you did your best. Well, if you want to score well...
You need to do your revision everyday, especially Science and Math.
Cut down on your television programmes and usage of computers and handphones!
Revise everyday. (I know I've said that alr)
Revise somemore.
Urgh, just revise kay!
You'll do better the next time. (:
Our PSLE must win Miss Yeo, haha.
Which means, 246 and above!!!
Okay.. Uhh, ting xie on Thursday kay!
Bye :>