Wednesday, February 18, 2009 @ 6:41 PM

Okay so hi.
I'm updating.
And bla.
Ya'll know who I am right. Right. Right?!
Okay it's obvious. Very obvious I know.
Like they're only 3 people updating.
Laural. Hui Xuan. Bernice.
If you don't know who am I then..
You're a moron. Nah, joking. Be more alert okays.
Okays. OKAYS?! Okays.
Good. :D "Lame."
Yea I know. I don't want to post the homework okay.
But basically it's like,
Math Ratio Practice 2, EL Revision 3, Spelling Corrections and yea. Bring health booklet. Oh plus plus plus, zuo ye -.- But that's to be handed up on Friday. :D
Okay so that's all I think.
Bla. I know I got alot of okays in my post. But habit la okay! (see?!)
Zzz. Don't know how many days never update alr.
5 days la. If you don't know how to count, I tell you.
Go back to kindergarten. (: I help you go find one kindergarten.
That one specializes in big kids who don't know counting.
HAHAHA. Okay joking. No offence guys. Girls. Whatever.
Oh and Patric. If you were to update this blog everyday. (almost)
And then everyone is like, "I'm lazy to update. :P Ask Patric to do."
Then how would you feel man. MAN. MAN?!
Zzz. I'm a bit hyper now. And okay I just remembered.
Haven't done vocab spelling corrections.
Do you know that I failed? I got 0/12?!
Nah, joking. Obviously. And I won't tell you how much I got.
So bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye.

If you still don't know who I am, I'm LAURAL okay. LAURAL.