Friday, February 13, 2009 @ 5:53 PM

Hiie agn! Its me..HuiXuan.Im postinq for dhe sake of Laural as she kips sayinq "Dhis class bloq is dyinq.No1 bother to post de.I give up on it!" LOL.
Im not gonna post the weekend homework as im lazy :D Im a EVIL person (: If u nvr take down ur hw den that's ur prob. MUAHAHAHAHA
Lolz.Now so bored nth to post jus typinq craps <3 And Laural dun giv upp on dhe bloq me and Bernice are still postinq ya noe -.-"
Ok that's all im gonna type for todae so..
Cya nxt time (: And rmb to do ur weekend hw! All the best ~